Song Rocket


  • Do you have songs that you believe could be earning you royalty checks every month but you're confused about what your next step should be to make that happen?

  • Do you have song demos or perhaps a CD already recorded but you're struggling to have your work heard by music industry pros?

  • Do you  lack the time or lack the contacts to market your songs properly?

We help songwriters seeking copyright exploitation of songs.

For a reasonable monthly fee, we handle your song marketing, song pitching and song plugging. We  work your song catalog for you, pitching them to contacts and opportunities you'd likely have never discovered on your own. And freeing you to write more songs!

What we do for our clients:

 ⦁  Submit Your Songs to Major Record Labels for their Artist's Projects  ⦁  Submit Your Songs for Placement in Major and/or Independent Films  ⦁  Negotiate Music Publishing Administration/Foreign Exploitation and Sub Publishing Deals  ⦁   Assemble Song Packages for use in TV/Video/Film and place them in Music Production Libraries
  • Obtain online and/or traditional radio airplay for your songs
Song pitching, plugging, marketing and more, all rolled into one service for one reasonable monthly fee!
Song Rocket Also*:
  •  Cuts Instrumental and stripped down or expanded versions of your songs for additional placement opportunities
  •   Places Your songs in Commercials, Games,  Documentaries, Cable TV Shows and More
  •  Seeks Live Performance Royalties    
  •  Negotiates Sync Rights    
  •  Creates vehicles for exploitation of your copyright  
  •  Stays on top of emerging Internet song markets so you don't have to
  • Releases you from the burden of most of the paperwork end of songwriting so you can do what you do best: write songs!

                                                                                         SONG ROCKET!

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